Couples Workshops at Church on the Queensway

The Couple Wellness Expert is providing Couples Workshops at "Church on the Queensway"   From September 21st to November 16th, 2012, I am providing Couples Workshops for the "45 South" group at Church on the Queensway, located at 1536 The Queensway.  It is every other Friday from 7:45pm-9pm, and all couples are welcome.  I will be discussing Communication, Conflict Resolution, and my Relational Wellness Wheel. The topics discussed will go as follows:
  • September 21st: Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • October 5th: Financial and Spiritual Wellness
  • October 19th: Physical and Emotional Wellness
  • November 2nd: Social and Vocational Wellness
  • November 16th: Sexual and Environmental Wellness
  The workshop on Communication and Conflict Resolution has already taken place as I am writing this blog on Sept 30th.  We were so pleased with the turnout- 42 people were there.  It really speaks to how blessed these couples are to want to spend their Friday night learning new ways to enrich their relationship.  We are hoping for the same great turnout at the remaining workshops.   Be Well, Melissa