Creative Valentine's Day Ideas! What to do and give!

So, the most romantic day of the year is this Saturday!  Is it just me, or did it creep up really fast this year?  Maybe I'm distracted by our freezing minus double digit temperatures!  My husband and I tried to escape the winter this year with a trip to Florida, and the cold seemed to follow us!  There was a cold front the whole time that we were there, but at least it was plus 18C instead of minus 18C.  We will not complain too much about that!  Now to focus on Cupid...   In preparation for Valentine's Day, I've composed two lists to help you out.  One is what to do with your significant other, and the other is what to give them to celebrate and acknowledge your love for one another.   Five creative and special things to do together for Valentine's: 1/ Every special occassion involves food!  Share a meal together in a romantic way.  Surprise your spouse with breakfast in bed and enjoy your meal together in your cozy and warm sheets.  Or make a nice dinner together at home.  You can put on some romantic music and take your time preparing your favourite meal together.  You can even make it extra special by laying out a big comforter on the livingroom floor with candles lit in the background, jazz music playing, and eating it together picnic style. 2/ Get pampered together.  You can go to the spa together, or get a massage or pedicure together (yes, many men enjoy pedicures too!).  If you are not able to get in for a couples massage, you can take turns giving each other back rubs in bed (with lots of massage oil!). 3/ Spend quality time together.  Everyone is so busy these days, and it's very easy to get caught up and lose track of each other.  This Saturday, make a point of doing something fun together that you both enjoy.  It could be as simple as watching a romantic movie together, going for a walk together, going to the art gallery together, yoga class together, having a nice weekend away, or going somewhere that reminds you of where you first met.  I always tell the couples that I work with to have a date night on a weekly basis without distractions (children, phones, etc), so be sure to make quality time be a regular occurence in your relationship. 4/ Create new traditions together.  Valentine's Day does not have to be chocolates, candies, card, red roses, stuffed animals and dinner at a fancy restaurant.  You can get creative by making your very own traditions.  Maybe it's a day trip to a place that is special to both of you.  Or making heart shaped pancakes.  Or leaving a trail of rose petals leading to the bedroom.  Or planning out a romantic scavenger hunt together.  The possibilities are endless! 5/ Go on a couples retreat!  This is a great way to rejuvenite and enrich your relationship.  This is great for couples at any stage in their relationship.  It can make a content marriage into a deeply satisfying and happy marriage.  There are lots of retreats available out there.  I plan local and destination retreats, so let me know if you're interested in this for next Valentine's day!   Five thoughtful gifts for your loved one on Valentine's Day: 1/ Create a list of reasons why you love your partner and why you are grateful for them.  If you're really creative, you can weave these into a poem.  Put these in a booklet, letter or card, and then leave it somewhere for them to find it.  It could be on their night stand so that they see it as soon as they wake up on Valentine's Day, or you could put it on the bathroom counter so that they see it as they are getting ready in the morning.  The act of creating the list will help you to focus on the positive qualities and traits of your partner.  Sometimes it is all too easy to get caught up in the negatives and start to take your spouse for granted, so this is a good reminder.  And they will love to read about all the reasons why you appreciate them. 2/  Flowers with flare.  Instead of sending the typical dozen red roses, try something different.  Perhaps her favourite flower is not a rose at all.  If daisies or orchids are her favourite flower, they will likely mean more to her than roses.  To add to the creativity, you can attach a note or small card to each flower that outlines a plan for future date nights together (for example, a cooking class or a day trip to Toronto Island) 3/ Support in surprising ways.  Has your partner been stressed out lately to too busy to work on a to-do list that continues to build?  Figure out what they have been meaning to do for ages, and do it for them as a surprise.  For example, has your husband been wanting to clean out the garage but just has not had the time?  Surprise him by cleaning and organizing it (or hire someone to do it!).  Also pay attention to things that your spouse has complained about, and surprise them with the solution.  Has your wife been complaining about the sound quality of the tv in the living room?  Then buy her a speaker system for the tv.  (I admit I stole that example for this blog from my husband.  This is what he did for me at Christmas- I am loving our new speakers, what a difference.  Anyway, I digress...) 4/ Lingerae.  Need I say more?  It works both ways.  The wife could buy it and surprise the hubby with wearing it that night.  Or the hubby could buy it for the wife as a gift.  Either way, both win. 5/ Gifts that keep on giving.  Romance should not just be celebrated on Valentine's Day.  So why not get a gift that continues throughout the year?  Like a gift of the month club that you know they will appreciate.  There are all kinds of gifts of the month- for foodies, for crafters, etc.   Wonder where your relationship is on a scale of satisfaction?  Click on the "Satisfaction Scale" on this website to find out! Enjoy!  Relax!  Have fun!  And remember to celebrate the love that you have for one another every day, not just on Valentine's Day.  Treat your spouse like the King/Queen that he/she is!