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Annual relationship check-ups

Just like your annual physical check-up, The Couple Wellness Expert provides an annual relationship check-up.  Previous couples are strongly encouraged to come back annually to review skills already learned and to resolve any issues that may have come up over the year.  This is an excellent way to ensure you address small issues before they become big problems.  The old adage rings true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  In order to remember the date every year, it could be around your anniversary date, Valentine’s Day, or the date you first came to me or had the last session with me.  Regardless of the date you chose, it is important to stick with it each and every year.  It could be as little as just one couple session to go over how everything has been going in your lives and in your relationship.  The check-ups could also include doing the PREP-Enrich inventory or doing a brief Marriage Checkup questionnaire.  These check-ups are intended to strengthen and protect your relationship in order for you to achieve optimal wellness.