What is a Healthy Marriage?

What is a Healthy Marriage? by Melissa Johari, The Couple Wellness Expert   Being in a healthy marriage is simple yet complex.  It is more than a deep love and it is more than a close friendship.  It is a partnership of mutual support and acceptance. It means being free from intimidation and fear.  It means a balance of power and control.   It brings a feeling of more happiness being with that person than if you were without them.  It brings joy, comfort and security.   There is trust.  There is respect.   It has normal ups and downs, both of which ultimately bring you closer together.  When one is down, the other picks them back up.   You have a balance of time together, time apart, and time with others.  You support each other’s individuality.   There is understanding.  There is empathy.   You think of the other person before yourself.  During times of inevitable distress, you put yourself in their shoes to help you see their perspective.   Your partner is the most important person in your life, and they know it.  They know it by your actions and they know it by your words.   There is patience.  There is forgiveness.   Being in a healthy marriage means growing and evolving together.  It is not only surviving, but thriving, in life’s journeys.  It is a team effort in traveling the road of life.